Particularly why is Compound Crusher Blocked when Creating Limestone

Particularly why is Compound Crusher Blocked when Creating Limestone

In conventional powder kiln limestone generation program, jaw crusher was routinely adopted to perform the crushing of metallurgical limestone. This Machine is principally employed for your coarse crushing of limestone, and producing ash powder is principally even though using materials tested by round vibrating screen for sintering production. Using the increase from the making use of amount from the agglomeration ash, compound crusher is progressively brought towards the limestone creation technique. The current kiln limestone production solution is mainly employed for sintering the limestone powders.

In just the output process for metallurgical limestone, the compound crusher is usually blocked, typically triggered with the subsequent aspects:

(one) The electrical appliance stops operating.

When mixture crusher is working, the electric appliance from your motor stops doing work, and also the belt wheel breaks from your pin or maybe the pin within the belt wheel stops operating, the bearing is damaged and also the transmission belt 35mm slides all could perhaps trigger the fabric blockage from your combination crusher.

The right alternatives: Consistently seem in to the equipment and make certain the gear operates ordinarily. On a regular basis check and maintenance the crusher and ensure the conventional utilisation of the spares.

(two) Uncrushable products enter in the crushing chamber.

The development ability of blend crusher is 90-110t/h, if there is iron ore or elements wealthy in hardness moving into the crushing chamber, it is going to very likely be blocked as a result of overload or product trapped in just the crushing chamber.

To circumvent the overload of mix crusher and generation capacity extra in just the running procedure, in most conditions, three kilns are permitted to release ash concurrently. When your middle cabin is needed for powder crushing, steer clear of the ash discharging interval never to to aid the crushing chamber and cause overload. The compound crusher isn't permitted to get iron ore to enter the crushing chamber, to avert this, the fireman must obtain the metal supplies across the chain plate, and set up an electromagnet on to it to avoid foreign matters from coming into the Crusher Machine to break the hammers, lining board and bearings.

(Three) Human error procedure.

The operators could make faults for the exact time process, one example is forget about to begin the mixture crusher, keep away from the equipment as well shortly and even the start buy is completely wrong all bring about materials blockage.

To avert this, when beginning and protecting against the Machine, the fireman really should work strictly based upon the complex course of action for metallurgical limestone generation, so when beginning the machine, initial check it, and keep on the subsequent process once the products signal shows normality. The moment the center cabin is crushing powders, begin the combination crusher after which open the electro-hydraulic three-way valve. In addition, the combination crusher really should be began with empty load and stopped during the conclude the remainder of the ashes are produced.