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The uncertain global economic situation, but Vertical Roller Mill industry has remained relatively stable growth. There are three reasons, one is the current most metal mining have been for half a century or even longer, gold ore grade declining. For example in 1985 the gold ore grade of about 0.91%, 2012 has slipped to 0.75% or less, is expected to decline in 2015 to 0.70% or less. Gold output volume can not raise the price of gold is relatively stable, once the demand slightly higher, gold is likely to rise sharply. In order to enhance production, mines must use more advanced equipment, if the grade fell too, and may even require a new Vertical Roller Mill.

The second reason is that bad Vertical Roller Mill’s work environment, equipment life cycle is very short, such as Shearer) is a five-year life cycle. The third reason is the Vertical Roller Mill subsequent maintenance costs, high service fees to Shearer, for example, five years, maintenance costs are twice the first Vertical Roller Mill purchase price. International Large Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill income, more than half are from the service.

Vertical Roller Mill is best to complete supply, if is a Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill offer, then the latter part of the maintenance costs can be greatly reduced. So Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill in order to expand the market, mergers and acquisitions often peers, large Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill 10-20 have experienced mergers and acquisitions. Another great feature of Vertical Roller Mill is the Nordic Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill many, many Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill in Finland, Sweden and Denmark and northern Germany. Although the European sovereign debt crisis spread, poor economic trends, but these Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill stood, in 2012 a quarter of whether there are new orders and revenue growth of almost 20%. China has more than 100 Manufacturer of Vertical Roller Mill, 95% of Vertical Roller Mill are Chinese independent production.

Beacon from the Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill market

Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill in recent decades, has formed a complete industrial system, has become a well-deserved Vertical Roller Mill first production and marketing power. But after a stage of rapid development, the Indonesian Vertical Roller Mill Equipment saturation stock market higher, Vertical Roller Mill Supplier operating pressures, increased competition in the industry, in this environment, Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill Supplier order to continue to survive, we must open up the market after the multifaceted expand their business scope.

It is understood that after the Vertical Roller Mill market is backward continuation Vertical Roller Mill production, sales of the market, namely Vertical Roller Mill after being involved in product sales market, with sold Vertical Roller Mill Products as the carrier’s service trade. The industry generally believe Vertical Roller Mill after market components: service, parts, leasing, two mobile phones, remanufacturing five parts. After relative to foreign mature markets, Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill after a serious shortage of market development efforts, but after recent years of rapid development, Vertical Roller Mill Supplier service is no longer a simple product pre-sales advice and after-sales repair, but in the product life cycle, Vertical Roller Mill Supplier can provide customers with a full range of perfect service, which is a sign of the maturity of the industry. At the same time the quality of service has become a measure of Vertical Roller Mill Supplier brand value and image of important manifestation.

According to Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill Industry Association statistical data analysis, Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill major equipment to maintain about 500 million units by the end of 2014 the market for eight years in Indonesia crusher market retains about 1,150,800 units. Largest holdings provide a foundation for the after-market as well as the development of the vast space, after numerous Vertical Roller Mill Supplier market have increased investment in order to obtain a new breakthrough in the fierce competition in the industry.

The past two years, Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill Supplier In terms of market development after a hard work, especially large Vertical Roller Mill Supplier, results achieved in this regard is remarkable. As the South China Vertical Roller Mill leading industry Zenith, adhere to the “integrity-based, customer first” principle of service, commitment to launch failure 10 hours on-site processing, establish a complete service system, establish Indonesia Vertical Roller Mill first brand, won the highly recognized by customers and industry.

Indonesia is in the current pack and play Vertical Roller Mill after market, Zenith to service quality in the market successfully created image.